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Sui Hoe Khoo, also known as Ray Khoo was graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine Art in Singapore in. Oct 11, 2012 . Khoo Sui Hoe Malaysian artist artwork from artist for sale and auction to art buye. 2014 | Khoo Sui Hoe: An Overview Part I – The Artist Collection from 1980s to Present, The Private. Khoo Sui Hoe. - BIOGRAPHY. Distant Call. 100cm x 120cm. Oil on canvas 2005. Dreamer of Double Hills. MalaysianArtist - the home of Malaysian artists and their work of art.. khoo sui hoe · kh. EDITION II, DECEMBER 2, 2012. Clouds seen from the Arch, 1982. Acrylic on canvas 91 x 91 cm. SOLD-R. Khoo, Sui Hoe ( Ray Khoo ). Born in 1939, Kedah, Malaysia. Graduated from Nanyang Academy of Fine A. Find auction results by Khoo Sui Hoe. Browse through recent auction results or all past auction res.
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